Wu Wei Gung Fu is a modern martial art designed for practical self-defense.

Along with elements that come from the Wing Chun Gung Fu (Kung Fu) method, it includes techniques from various other martial arts, such as Western boxing, Jujutsu, Thai boxing, Sambo and Eskrima.

About The Fighting Art

Wu Wei Gung Fu - The Spontaneous Movement - was founded in 1971 by

Jo-Si (system founder) Joseph Cowles, one of Bruce Lee's

first students in the United States.

The system advocates technical and mental efficiency without unnecessary thought or movement. We aim to internalize the technique until it becomes part of us, ready to be performed without prior planning or thought when the need arises.

The system has been taught in Israel since the 1980s thanks to Si-Jo (head of the system) Eyal Koren, who brought it to Israel and has been working on its development to this day.

What do you learn in training?

We teach the basics of self-defense to men and women of all ages.


Alongside combat techniques, physical fitness and improved spatial control, the training provides tools for dealing with stressful situations, and helps build self-confidence and self-discipline. We develop the ability to persevere, to set our own path and follow it. 


The training is suited for both women and men, and no previous experience is required.

No one was born a martial artist!

Desire and perseverance are the only key necessary to gaining amazing abilities.


In the spirit of Bruce Lee's legacy, the method combines various elements in the quest to create a complete martial art, updated with recent research and other innovations in the field of martial arts and training theory.

We strive to provide our trainees with tools for self-defense suitable for varied real world situations. We work on defense, attack and neutralization techniques, and combine hand and foot techniques with locks, throws, and ground fighting. In addition, we specialize in weapons such as nunchaks, sticks and knives.


The challenging aspects of our physical training is designed not only to improve out physical fitness. but also to challenge ourselves, get to know ourselves, face the difficulty and strive for continuous self-improvement - mentally and physically.

What will we emphasize

in training?

  • Learning is gradual, and training is non-competitive. We compete only with ourselves.

  • Nothing is done without a reason. We seek to reach a deep understanding of every action - anatomically, physiologically and biomechanically.

  • The trainee does not receive the answers on a silver platter, but is encouraged to explore and expand his or her own understanding. This emphasis is especially important for children and adolescents, who also gain learning habits.

  • The training focuses on realistic scenarios.

  • We strive to internalize the techniques in a way which will allow us to deal with the unexpected and the surprising.

  • We do not cut corners. We do not give up on ourselves. We do not lie to ourselves.

  • Our values in training ​​are those ​​we strive for in everyday life: thoroughness, determination and respect for others.

Wu Wei Gung Fu and MMA

Bruce Lee was one of the greatest martial arts practitioners of all time and was one of the first to realize the importance of combining aspects from various martial arts. This concept he promoted contributed greatly to the world of martial arts and eventually led to the development of MMA (Combined Martial Arts).


Wu Wei Gung Fu itself was developed by one of Lee’s first students in Seattle, and is being constantly developed and expanded upon to this very day.


Wu Wei Gung Fu is thus a "complete martial art", It includes striking, grappling, locks, throws and the use of weapons such as nunchaku, sticks and knives.


The system is not aimed at competitions like the UFC or Bellator arenas, but for real-life situations. 

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