Head of the system

Si-Jo Eyal Koren was born on August 7th 1963. He is the father of two children.


Koren was acquainted with the martial arts at the age of 12. He began his training in Gojo-Ryu Karate and in the classical martial art of the Shaolin temple, Shaolin Five Animals.

After years of training, Koren heard word of the non-classical martial art of Wu-Wei Gung Fu founded by Jo-Si Joseph Cowles, a student of the late Bruce Lee.


Koren was taught by the founder of the system, who later authorized him as the system’s delegate in Europe, Australia and Israel.         Koren has been teaching in Jerusalem since 1986, with thousands of students on his record.

Koren, who made Wu-Wei Gung Fu his life’s center, diligently developed the system while adapting the training regime to the physical and mental conditions suitable for the Israeli students.

Koren also developed many combat theories and techniques that were later tested and approved by Prof. Cowles.

Head of Wu Wei Gung Fu

​In January 20th 2006, Prof. Cowles retired and appointed Koren – who then held a 9th degree black sash – as his successor. Prof. Cowles awarded Koren the red sash and the title Si-Jo, reserved for the head of Wu Wei Gung Fu. 


Ranks and Titles 

  • Head of Wu Wei Gung Fu worldwide since 2006.

  • Lifetime member of the Society of Black Belts of America.

  • Member of the Jeet Kune Do Association.

  • Graduate of the Wingate Institute for Trainers.


Certificate of Promotion
Traditional Uniform